Could the election bring more housing inventory to Austin?

If you are like me, you are feeling mixed emotions about the impending end of this election, and the selection of our new President. On one hand, I really can’t wait for it to be over. I mean, all the mud-slinging and nasty comments on social media have really gotten old. On the other hand, the fear of what sentiment the new choice of President may bring, is making me want election day to never come. I don’t mean this because I’m really so afraid of what the next President may do, we have a government full of check and balances for that, but I’m more afraid of how the supporters of the loser may act out. Many are threatening to pack their bags and “get the heck out”.

On a positive note, this could mean that Austin’s recent influx of people moving into the city, may decide to relocate (as promised) to Canada, or some other far away land. What does that mean for me? More business! What could that mean for buyers? More inventory!

No matter which way this election goes, I just keep in mind that I live in the BEST city, in the BEST country, in the entire world!  For those who have been putting off buying a home in Austin, maybe this election will make it easier after all!


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