Fall/Winter Months-Best Time To Buy Investment Properties?

In my many years of selling real estate in Austin, I have noticed a distinct trend. Investment worthy homes or duplexes in areas of Austin that are normally “hot” in the Spring/Summer months, tend to slow during the Fall/Winter months. This means that those “affordable” $250k-$350k investment properties may actually stay on the market longer than the average 3-5 days! This gives the savvy buyer (with a good Realtor) the needed time to really investigate the rental possibilities, and also negotiate the price on the property without the pressure of multiple offers. I have found the best months are Nov. and Dec. There isn’t as much inventory, but if able to buy an investment property at this time, it allows the buyer a bit more leverage. Investment properties can still be found in Austin! If looking for yours, get in touch and I’m happy to help!

Cell: 512-964-3893 http://www.LifeIsGoodInAustin.com


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