The Spring buying/selling season is around the corner!

Planning to buy or sell this Spring? Now is the time to begin your preparations!


First things first. Call a lender! Find out what your able to qualify for, or if you need to improve your debt/income ratio in order to qualify for the amount you want. There are also many loan programs that may allow you more flexibility with your purchase. Your lender can help with this. If you need a referral, I have several great lenders ready to help!

Take a drive and visit open houses. Once you start your preliminary search, reach out to me for some of the best areas to start looking. There may be some you haven’t even considered that could be perfect. Austin is growing so fast, and areas once thought to be “too far” or “in the hood” have now become some of the best new areas in our city!

Know the buying time frame. Normally you will need about 2-4 weeks to search for a home, and once under contract, the closing will happen about 30-45 days later. For example, if your anticipated move date is end of June, best to begin searching mid-April. It is hard to see buyers find a home that they love but they can’t close for three months and the sellers want a standard 30-45 day close. If looking at new construction however, the time frame can be anywhere from three months (if partially built) to ten months.


Find out what your home is worth. It’s never too early to get a real estate market analysis. I can visit your property and let you know what I believe your home is worth “as-is” or with some improvements. If improvements are needed, allow plenty of time since our Austin contractors stay busy these days! It is completely free to have my visit and provide a complementary market analysis.

Know the competition. Visit open houses in your area. See what kind of condition they are in, and how quickly they are selling.

Make repairs. It is best to make any repairs in advance. It WILL show up on an inspection report if it’s defective, so best to deal with items (especially the easy, inexpensive ones) in advance. Also, if you know about a defect in your home, it must be disclosed up front to buyers, so no hiding what you know! Disclose! Disclose! Disclose!

De-clutter. It’s Spring soon, so time for that big Spring cleaning! Some people even lease a storage unit and move some of their larger items out during the staging process. We like to have a clean and open feel that is as neutral as possible. You want buyers to see themselves living in your home, not you.

Most important of all…call me! I am a resource for you. I have an extensive referral list, and have lot’s of great advice to help you prep, and make your buying or selling experience as stress-free as possible! I look forward to hearing from you!


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